The Orange Backpack, Intro

The Orange Backpack: Rahul | Jugal | Raj

The Orange Backpack: Rahul | Jugal | Raj


Hello there! The Orange Backpack is a travel journal of three adventure ehtusiasts from Bombay:- Jugal, Raj and Rahul. We love mountains, we explore the unexplored, we sleep in tents, we love adventure sports and we are will spend days looking to get that one perfect shot on our cameras.

We will be posting travelogues of our expeditions on this blog. Photography is one of our most passionate hobbies so we’re going to try and bring the best of the pictures in the form of photoblogs from various locations, along with sharing our experience of each trip. Hope you enjoy them!

You can follow us on Instagram :


Rahul : @thecarabiner

Jugal : @holy_photon

Raj : @thevodun





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