Hiking Through The Clouds at Ratangad – June 2015

First trek of the monsoon of 2015 – Ratangad. Honestly, you haven’t experienced monsoons if you haven’t been to Ratangadh. This is a package tour of treks purely because of the vast variety of experiences it has to offer. We walked through the dense jungle, crossed the water streams, hiked up a steep slope with visibility no more than 5 feet, witnessed reverse waterfalls, climbed through the strongest wind current we’ve ever experienced and lived in the caves. This trek has it all!

Here’s the assortment of pics in chronological order:

The Base Village: Ratanwadi


Base of the mountain.


The Ladders

Since most of the entrance of the fort is in ruins, there are series of iron ladders set up at various points to help trekkers climb up easily without falling victim to the deadly fall below (assuming you don’t slip and fall anyway).


A stairway to heaven, literally!


The caves. Sky cleared up briefly for few minutes for us to take a picture. Soon it was all white again.

Eye Of The Mountain

A small climb above the fort houses the most thrilling part of the trek – The Great Eye Of Souron. It’s a small hole at the top of the peak that tunnels through the west face of the mountain to the east face causing the strongest wind currents concentrated at that one point. We literally had to lean forward to counter the wind currents that were pushing us back. Scary shit but had a blast nonetheless.




After you’ve been through an excellent trek up on the fort, stayed in a rat-filled caves, had rustic village food cooked on woodfire, cheated death on those ladders, experienced the most skin shattering wind currents, numbed your feet by walking for 4 hours to and fro…what more can you ask for?

I’ll tell you what…

A dive and swim in the chilled fresh water stream down in the base of the mountain.


Such a relieving moment. Got to clean all the dirt off and wear fresh clothes before having the comfy lunch and starting the journey back to home.


Group: Treks And Trails

Expense: Rs. 1600 / person

Duration: 2 Days (Departed on Friday night, returned Sunday evening.)

Hope you liked the photographs and the experience that we shared. Do give us feedback in the comments below. Happy to answer any queries.



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